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Thanks to modern technology, sleep is now optional
Man bites dog, then bites self.
Ahh, another quiet night at work.

(insert the sound of thoughts colliding, the smell of leftover Taco Bell, knuckles cracked repeatedly, several examinations of quantum theory, and a bottle of Great Value Glass Cleaner, with ammonia)

I think sometimes that I have too much time on my hands. Not free time, mind you, as nothing is free, least of all time. You may not be doing something at that moment, but somewhere, somehow, it's costing you.

And of course, you never really have this aforementioned temporal surplus when you need it. It always appears when you least expect, and invariably causes the rest of a person's typical agenda to get subcompacted, inducing a sense of frantic urgency, and stripping out the intrinsic meaning of the moment at hand. Kind of like watching American Idol, or any one of countless soul-deadening bits of electro-sloth, usually known as "reality TV"...which is misnomer-ish crap, as well as fallacious.

There's no reality left. It's all either been filmed, sucked into some Internet-based cyber-analog, or bought by Bill Gates.

Or if you want to think of it in slightly different, more linear terms:
{If {reality = nonexistent crap}
what remains = nothing;
echo= "You are a hopelessly deluded groinhead"}

(insert mild-self annoyance, listening to the Aquabats, yawning, Windows dislike, and homesickness)

What does it all mean, anyway? I mean, really.

Answer: Not a damn thing. Not one bit.

I can't wait for a nap.

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It's always a weird feeling, waking early without an alarm. The funny part is...Ian is *still* asleep. I mean, $deity, that kid sleeps hard. He also hogs the living hell out of the bed, too. Oh well.
Why are so many people so blitheringly stupid and pathetic? I mean, in the obvious, "oh my god that's so incredibly dumb I can't believe you said that even a brain-damaged syphilitic monkey could see that that's stupid" kind of way. Case in point...browsing around, and coming across a thread regarding the ethics of dating. Now, as a person with a checkered past, and one who's not always been great, I can see the argument on some of the points. I mean, you have no argument from this side: dating married folk equals uncool and unwise.
However, what's always gotten me is the whole bitchfest that people employ, where it's always the other's fault in it all. With girls, it's men suck, men are worthless, men are evil, blah blah, how horrible they are, why do we date them when they think we're all psycho, and we're obviously perfect, etc etc etc. With guys, it's she's psycho, she's all about her, she never listens, and a similar canon of events.

I suspect that the reality, like in many cases, lies somewhere in the middle. But of course, admitting that, and dispensing with some of the shit-talking (and having yer audience supporting you, of course), would be a tad bit too much like leaving high school for some...

Dating, like the working man in Dubya's 21st century America, spends a lot of time not working, and wondering what the fuck is happening. Talk about frieghted down with over-complication indeed.

Sometimes I think Denis Leary had the right idea: Shut the fuck up. Your relationship is rocky. Shut the fuck up. We fight a lot. Shut the fuck up. He's an asshole, she's a bitch. Shut the fuck up. He won't listen, she doesn't care...she's psycho...he's psycho...insensitive, blah blah blah...Shut the fuck up. More than likely, unless you are completely out to lunch and actually *would* date a drooling basket case axe-murderer...the other person is/was not completely nuts to start, and you doth protest much. Chances are, the relationship, for whatever reasons (that you are unable, as in too lazy/insensitive/uncaring, or possibly just simply unable to figure), is failing, and you should just go separate ways...and leave it alone. No gender-bashing (as it only makes you look dumber than you may be...tho, for some, you could be entering into negative IQ points. Scary.), no stupid teeny-bopper psycho drama shit, just split, and go about your ways, and deal in the adult sense. You know?

Or go for Plan B, pistols at thirty paces. That way, it's dealt with, and no-one has to listen to you whine.

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And to think, they're planning on a remake. Bah. Why does everyone want to mess with what few things remain that are GOOD?

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