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Thanks to modern technology, sleep is now optional

Man bites dog, then bites self.

Creepy Jackalope Eye
16 December
What can I say?A creature of habit, most of them bad. 30 years old, living in Dallas, or should I say existing? Hard to tell; these days, I spend my time in disguise, trying to eke some sort of living, while I train for my imminent future as an eccentric vagrant artist who will undoubtedly live under a bridge. Somehow, I am supposed to also cram successful parenting into this (seeing as I am a parent, and already admittedly failed offspring), so who knows. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I will write that novel. Then again, I may be coming to a bridge near you.

So...hang on to your ego, as it's now a new millenium. This revolution won't be televised, but more than likely, someone will podcast it. Or at the very least, blog about it. In the meantime, I sure as shit hope someone kept the receipt for this state of affairs, because so far...it still sucks.

Opinionated? You could say that. You could say a lot of things, in general, or about me. Chances are, I doubt very much that I give a shit what you think. Most people overestimate their own importance, use, or interest/cool factor, in this episodic re-occurring little ritual of self-abasement referred to more commonly as life. You know who you are; don't be coy.

But read on, if you like. Or don't.

Either way, I know where you live, and so do the flying monkeys.